Doug Kelsch – Manager Co-owner

Phone: 780-297-2927


Lester Chute – Project Manager Co-owner

Phone: 780-233-4917


AGMC is owned and operated by Doug Kelsch and Lester Chute. Both owners have 40 years of experience in all phases of mapping including Project Management, Photogrammetry, Surveying, LiDAR, Aerial Photography, Orthophotography, Satellite imagery, Photo interpretation and GIS. The AGMC team consists of photogrammetrists, Orthophoto technologists, and GIS technicians. In addition to our internal staff, we have a wide network of sub-contractors that provide additional manpower when required.

AGMC works with all the major aerial photography and LiDAR companies. We first assess the client’s needs and then recommend the best technology to meet those requirements. Since we do not have our own airplanes, or LiDAR equipment we are able to propose a best solution rather than one that suits our equipment.

What sets us apart from the other major Geomatics and Mapping companies is our extensive experience, low overhead, and quality staff. AGMC will provide the best quality product at the lowest price.

Our Partner Peregrine Aerial Surveys provides all our Aerial Photography and LiDAR acquisition, with the Imagery and LiDAR data processed by AGMC.

Peregrine Aerial Surveys utilizes the most recent advanced equipment including:

  • 4 – Piper Navajo PA31 Aircraft
  • 2 – Photogrammetric Digital Cameras – DMC III & DMC 230 Systems
  • 1- LiDAR RIEGL LMS-Q156 Unit

Digital Aerial Camera System - Leica RIEGL LMS-Q156

LiDAR System - RIEGL LMS-Q156

Digital Aerial Camera System - Leica RIEGL LMS-Q156

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