About us

Alberta Geomatics & Mapping Consultants Incorporated (AGMC) is a registered Canadian business. AGMC is a mapping and GIS company combining long term experience of the five (5) member staff (averaging over 25 years of mapping experience} with the latest technological software and know how to get the project done right and on schedule.

AGMC’s vast experience includes:

  • Aerial Photography and LiDAR Planning & Management – 27 years
  • Project management, – 17 years
  • Surveying, – 33 years
  • Aerial Triangulation – 27 years
  • Photogrammetry, – 38 years
  • Contour generation, – 26 years
  • Orthophotography, – 20 years

AGMC is able to provide the same services as the larger Geomatics companies but at a greatly reduced rate and faster delivery time. AGMC only takes on projects it can complete within the client’s allotted time frame, and spends extra hours doing quality assurance. We pride ourselves in exceeding the clients’ expectations, and achieving the three keys to all projects:

  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Better Quality
  • Lower Prices

These key elements are possible with lower overhead costs and knowledgeable staff.